What is -noctem-?


A forum browser who thinks hes always right and the best at everything. Extremely arrogant, he seems a little sleazy, but no one can tell. If you say anything on a forum that -Noctem- spams at, watch out, because even if you just proved the Theory of Relativity is wrong, you would still be made out to be a fool. He captions all of his posts with "Another intelligent post by -Noctem-", even though it is obvious to everyone excluding him that the above post was anything but intelligent.

Poster: E does not equal MC2, as I am about to prove to you now. (Proof)

-Noctem-: omg man u are so stupid!!!111 lol omg and speek propperly plz i cant under stand a wrod wat u just wrote!! u stipd lolololloloo!!!!!1 im a dumbass

See faggot, idiot, dumbass, dickhead, asshat


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