What is =o?



The act of being surprised or shocked.

OMG! Did you see what he just did!? =o


A shocked smily usually written in a text or over MSN.

Kiddo 1: "I lost you're dog."

Kiddo 2: =O

See ;o, xo, =), =p, =d, Shock Horror


1) a blow up doll; a doll you insert your penis in and have sex with until it pops.

2) a suprised face; a face you make when something suprises you, sometimes confused with =0

1) tom: hey want to come over?

james: nahh I'm bangin the =O

2) suzie: marry me?

sara: =O

See blow up doll, gay, sex, masturbate, porn


A face that is the answer to anything. It has multiple expressions also.

"dude, you won the lottery"


"your house is burning down!"


what is 5 + 5?"


See ._., o_o, face, emoticon, pain_of_hero


The smiley. Made up of a "=" and a "o". yep.

<imajin> =o


Emoticon for smile, grin, pleased.

Optimus Prime: Hey, let's go to the mall!

Christopher (=o)

See emoticon, smile, smiling, grin


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