What is :p?


Abbreviation of oral stimulation of a vagina

Nick: "give me a :P(I)"

Samantha: "Oh Shit!"

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Essentially a face sticking out a tongue. Used in IM conversations to signify that the other person is lame and/or is in a worse situation and liable to be laughed at, but the user doesn't care about him / is unwilling to spend time using 'lol' (because it is commonly overused).

J.M.T - Forgot Homework! says: I left my backpack on the freaking bus. ARGH!

ExcaliburDude - NOOOO! CUBS LOST! says: Dude, that's your 'freaking' problem. :P


An emoticon showing a tongue protruding from one's face. This can often be disrespectful, or simply a way of being cute.

I'm gonna tell Becky about last night! :P



1. Used to indicate if one has made a joke.

2. Used to punctuate the act of doing something silly or stupid.

"Jeez, I just emailed the wrong person! :P"

"Dude, that Geo he drives is smokin' hot! :P"

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the proper responce to :O

she was :O and I was :P so we 69'ed

See DaMan


When you say something in MSN... etc but don't mean it or saying something for humor or saying something that you're willing to not make it serious or saying something that you're too shy to say it.

A: Hi.

B: Hi.

A: My brother is dying! :P

B: What?!

A: Just kidding. :P

A: Hi.

B: Hi.

A: I'm bored wanna go out somewhere? :P

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a face used when conversing in im lingo.

commonly referred to as a spitting face, used to demonstrate that you are in fact joking.

i love you :P

See :d, xd, :), smileys, aim


the most annoying thing my boyfriend sends over every text message. meaning a tongue sticking out at you. things like ":p", "::PPP" and "d:" can also be used but please in moderation.

text convo:

me: hey what's up?

my bf: nm u? ::PP


See :o, :?, :/, t_t


What people who like As Told By Ginger do. Also a quick way to tell somebody to lick your butthole.

lameoldfruit- i luv as told by giner lolololol it roxors

you- :P (_*_)


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