What is ;p?


This is a variant of :P, adding the wink to denote sly humor in sticking the tongue out. The combination produces the effect of not taking one's self seriously in a sort of facetious playfulness. This may either be used to qualify a statement or ascribe the character of a comment.

(qualifying a statement):

viscera: my friends left the room for a couple parts

Shadow: haha, and you didnt?

viscera: I'm not as queezy as them ;p

Shadow: I need to get a job =(

viscera: just go smelt iron with Rob ;p

(ascribing meaning): That's just like...your opinion...man ;p

See ;p, :p, =p, :), =)


Just like the :P face, except winking. Kinda retarded.

heh you suck ;P

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