What is 2pac?


A passionate social activist with expressive lyrics who knew how to appeal to people with his revolutionary views. Never showed fear, commanded immense respect from whoever he dealt with, encouraged people to "stop, study your lessons, always do your best" (Me Against The World) and follow their dreams.

I listen to Pac, but I tend to gravitate more towards his songs like Me Against The World, , Changes, etc. He lived what he spoke (well, most of it) and the fact that he died at the peak of his career only immortalized him. Very emotional in his lyrics, not necessarily the best/most skillful lyrics, but emotional and passionate and can really touch your heart if you take the time to appreciate. This might be stretching it, but Pac is to me a sort of Shakespeare, who will live forever because he spoke of ideas and concepts that everyone can relate to, like jealousy, greed, hatred, injustice, etc. and he did it articulately and with style. Pac knew how to balance meaningful, deep songs with radio smash hits, an ability lacking in a lot of today's artists.

"Btw, on his album 'Until the End of Time' , he has a song 'Fuck Friendz' (a song that thrashes his 'friends') right beside a song titled 'Lil Homies' (Which is a tribute to his 'friends')."

No man, Fuck Friendz is a song about some girl he wants to get with but not have an emotional relationship. A friend with benefits. And Lil Homies is a song about youth caught in the thug lifestyle before they've even become men. It's not about his friends.

Just one of many examples of how people misconstrue Pac's songs and lyrics to be something they're not because they have some personal problem with rap. So they attack its most influential figure. try again bud.

Verse 2, Me Against The World

With all this extra stressin'

tha question I wonder is after death

I feel my last breath

When will I finally get to rest from this supression

They punish tha people that's askin questions

And those that possess

steal from tha ones without possesions

Tha message I stress

to make you stop

study your lessons

Don't settle for less

Even tha genius asks his questions

Be grateful for blessings

Eon't ever change

keep your essence

Tha power is in tha people and politics we address

Always do your best

Don't let this pressure make ya panic

and when ya get stranded

and things don't go tha way ya planned it

Dreaming of riches

In a position of makin' a difference

politicians and hypocrites

They don't wanna listen

if i'm insane

It's the fame made a brotha change

it wasn't nothin' like tha game

It's just me Against tha World


The most famous, greatest, most influential, best selling rapper of all time.

Many idiots that know nothing other than his music is still released say 'HOW IS HE DEAD@!!@!@!@!@ HE STILL RELEASES MUZIK!!!!!" When true fans know that Tupac was known to record 2-3 songs in one day, and was known to record over 2-300 in his career.

2pac is great. yep. Buy his albums

See Joey T


All i can say is he was and still is the greatest selling rapper of all time. Also if rap is so easy go do it yourself and see where you get bet you want be laughing afterwards. His lyrics/poems are truly inspiring just some you need to look harder into and see where he is coming from before you dissrespect them. Now how many other music genres do you know of that can tell life the way it is and let the ARTISTS use their freedoms and rights to express themselves to a full extent....?? didnt think so.

2pac + Biggie = perfection


2pac is the greatesxt rapper. And any shit head stupid fuck who hates rap or pac can suck my dick

Fred:that curly haired guy hates pac.

Assasin:I'll take care of 'im


Tupac Shakur one of the worlds most talented rapartist of it's time. Very talented man.

'If 2pac was still alive we'd have some deadly music! It's a gaurenteed!'



Some said Nicollo Machiavelli was a spanish philosospher who faked his death, he was Italian. Tupac studied Nicollo's books and beliefs while he was in jail.

2pac is a Legend. Legends live for ever. I love 2pac.

Thug In Peace Makaveli


The epitomy of everything that is good about music. A legend for his music. Not just a musician but a poet and a visionary. Deep thought in his music and lyrics that need and deserve thought. This man didn't rap for money but becasue it was a job. He'd go into the studio every day with tones of shit. The good die young.

2pac/tupac is the greatest songwriter, rapper, poet and musical visionary ever. Period. Biggie is kinda good but nothing close to what 2pac was and is.


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