2pac Amaru Shakur

What is 2pac Amaru Shakur?


one of the best rappers that has ever breathed this earchs oxygen or stepped on gods green grass. one of the few people who rap other then killing, drugs, sex, and actually made it sound heavenly. he rapped about what people can relate to, like having no shirt to put on your back, or you have to steal to get your food. people say he's dead but if you do a little research you'll find out he's alive, and living in philly. people say he faked his death in 1996 when the hospital announced him death from being shot while riding in a car with shug knight, owner of death row records. also some people think he's dead, i have no opinion but most people think he's dead so i'll go with that.

the world will miss you 2pac amaru shakur

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