What is 2-pac?



A deceased African-American who captivated thousands with his rapping ability. He is such an amazing talent, that even after being slaughtered, he creates masterpieces. He has released almost the same number of songs post-mortem as he did alive.

"Yo, 'ju git dat new 2-Pac shit?"

"Oh, fo sho! It was crunk!"


a tight rapper

asscock, you like to fondle with men's nuts

See wanker


good rapper

asscock gives it to men up the ass


dead nigga

See Anon


All these definitions about 2pac are true he was THE best rapper of all times no doubt about it ....... But there is 1 thing that all of them may have wrong ... there are some of us still today that believe pac is still alive ... they say he got shot .. to death but ... pac wore a bullet proof vest all the time why would he have took it off just for that 1 incident? and another thing .. after a shooting// killing its illegal to not have an otopsy ... they never did 1 on pac .. so wth is up with that? and 1 more thing before his last abulm came out after he died ...on the 13th ... there was 1 song with pac singing about b.i.g dien .. b.i.g died after pac so how would he know .... that b.i.g was gonna die? or is dead..??

^^^^ hes alive thats all i gotta say!


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