[perf City]

What is [perf City]?


noun; derived from the adjective "perfect;" refers to any situation in life that is absolutely perfect, celebratory, or monumental.

Can also extend to refer to Really Good Times in a relationship ("Yeah, we were in Perf City. I was the mayor.")

The "Perf City Slashers" is the home baseball team for Perf City. When times exceed even the city limits for Perf City, you should announce the starting lineup for The Perf City Slashers, and expect a performance of Space- Jam proportion.

Perf City commonly deserves a one-way-ticket-- i.e. If something is really great, you should buy a OWT to Perf City, because there's no need to come back. And you should declare this.

See perfect, good times, best, amazing, spectacular


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