What is 'phat Headed' Couch Ripper?


A person who is annoying as hell and loved by very few. I.Q is so small, many believe him, to be a different species of a retarded person. Also a person who sleeps/eats, off the salary payment of a mother that builds trucks for a living. When this person is called 'Phat Headed' to their face, they will react different then any other person alive today...allowing them to unleash the fury inside, and let go on a linen, wool or titanium couch near by.

1. You 'Phat Headed' Couch Ripper...stfu, you still sux at life.

2. Chris, don't get all phat headed again and rip up your mothers couch, we don't want her screaming on vent...

3. Couchripper has come online.

See couch, titanium, ripper, fat head, chris


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