What is [ploosh]?


1. N. A flacid penis due to coitus-interuptus as a result of a friend walking in on a male and his significant other amidst the act of copulation

2. Adj. The opposite of "Shloop" in describing something as "unchill"

3. Int. The opposite of the interjective form of "Shloop" in that "ploosh" is used to convey a sense of irk or dismay for something disatisfying or vexing.

1. After Elie walked in on David and Becca, David could not get his plooshto satisfy Becca's needs.

2. The fact that Elie walked in on David and Becca twice was hella ploosh.

3. After Elie offered to lend a hand in David and Becca's sex-capades, David yelled, " Ploosh! You filthy fluffer, wait your turn."

See limp dick, shloop, dick, shit, fluff


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