What is *poke*?


a form of saying hello or rather a way to let someone know you're around.

(me): /me *pokes* greg

(greg): yo!


Typically, usually a middle aged "pedophile", in the works of only talking to 10 to 16 year old's by networking, "Internet" slang.

As he will, "*Poke*" he strokes, until the other person figures they themselves are oblivious that there is in fact, a pedophile cybering, with he/she.

Hotman69: Hey, how's it going ?

JohnothanTaylor: its goin good..

Hotman69: Teehee, *poke*

JohnothanTaylor: uhhh

Hotman69: weeeeeeeee! *poke*

JohnothanTaylor: This is Chris Hansen, with catch a predator actually.

Hotman69 has signed off................

See pedophile, networking, slang, cybering, poking


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