What is [pumpfaking]?


To pumpfake can mean a # of different things and the word can be used in many different ways. In a short, Pumpfake is a form of procrastinationyet a bit more Advanced if you will. It can be done Profesionally and at times may also appear obsoleet, only to bend the obvious diagonally opposite itself and leave so much confusion that the original Pumpfaked person(s)completely loses all importance of the Main Subject.---------The Pumpfaker is a rare breed. It takes Extreme Talent to be a successful Pumpfaker.

You're tryin to get up with a friend so he can look out for you. Meeting place Burger King. He tells you to be there on time. As you were, precisely. You wait and wait.

7 minutes pass and you say to your self 2 more minutes.You leave the Burger King 12 minutes later. You pick up your cell phone and call your friend. No Answer. He's Pumpfaking!

a minute later your phone rings. You Answer and he says Dude!!! 'I am so Fackin]! Sorry! I! I! AAHTTTT!!!CLICK

Pumpfaking is not exceptable, will not be tolerated.

Beat Cakes!! don't Pumpfakes!!

See pumpfake, procrastination


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