What is :q?


trying to lick eyes

:q *tries to lick eyes*

GAHHHH!!! i cant do it!!!


A guy smoking a joint.

You wanna get high? :Q

See matt


A blowjob face.

Here's a great example of it being used in context from my new upcoming book, "Why You Should Think That Brett Favre is An OK Guy: And Other Bullshit That You Should Never Ever Do."


After Janet opened her face in shock from that incredibly sexy....lamp, Jesus Christ of Nazareth quickly stuck his dick in her mouth creating a :Q face.

Suddenly...a scream echoed in the distance. Jesus quickly removed his genitalia only for it to die from the huge lobsters that lived inside her vagina. But how could that happen if Jesus's dick was in her mouth? I don't know but it's not revelant to the story.

Anyways the scream was Kobe Bryant and as he flew over to the area he beat the shit out of Chris Hansen, who was coincidentally nearby, and then had hot, steamy sex with the devil.

The now dickless Jesus was shocked. How the fuck could this man, who averaged a whopping 26.8 PPG in 2008, kill Chris Hansen? Then it hit him. Quickly, Jesus made a :Q face ready to attack him with....a gun.

And no the gun wasn't his penis.

Hey UD Editors, if you actually publish this shit you're retarded.

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an expression of pure and utter emotion

"I love you q face!"


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A drooling coma patient.

<James> I was going to feel up Karen last night at the hospital.

<Eric> Isn't she still in a coma?

<James> Yeah. She was drooling as well. She was all :Q

See :q, coma, hospital, drool


an emoticon symbolizing a blowjob

Girl: Feeling like a ;Q ?

Guy: ;)

See dw


a sideways angry cyclops with big nostrils

HEY! look at that sideways angry cyclops with big nostrils!


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