What is 'r?


suffix added to the end of a verb or other type of word to transform it into a noun, as one ‘doing’ the verb, sometimes not taken entirely literally; equivalent to tagging on an ‘-er’{hyphen included}, though consumes less space and takes less time to type, plus looks cleaner for ‘irregular’ and acronymic verbs which may not stand as a verb when alone, though when an ‘'r’ becomes its ending it takes on a somewhat colloquial meaning.

By my bookIn my eyes, Pete Rose*is* an MBL HoF'r, even if he doesn’t have his name on a plaque declaring such.

{Translation: As I see it,P. Rose *is* in the Major-League Baseball Hall of Fame, even if he doeesn’t hold the honor of having his name embedded on a plaque declaring such, or he damn-well deserves to be at any rate.}


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