3rd View

What is 3rd View?


a bunch of nocal pussies who have never been laid and only wish they were thuggish. also see twatthat lives at home with his mom. vaginas in general.

3rd view got cockmouthed last night ! twats! eat my nuts pussies

See pussies, poser, wankers, herb, hurb, fag, nutsac


The pmpest and illest g's to have ever graced Mnt. View and the rest of Nor Cali

Run bitch the 3rd view is coming and they will cut our punk ass's if they see us on thier terf!

See blackdog


aka Third View

why is third view spraypainted on my wall?


A Gang in Northen California consisting of 5 top members

The OG

The Incredible Hulk



and Strick-9

the most feared gang in the South Bay

"damn 3rd view dont let noone in man them books is always closed - i wish i could kick it at that party the got today"

"shit the OG is in my mutha fukkin art class that fools hella chill"


The 3rd view runs NorCal! Moutain View Bitch!

The Incredible Hulk beat the shit outta my grandpa cuase he gave him a funny look. Then he called his hommie Straywith his 357 and they shot him in the dome. After that The OG and SMFcame and skull fuckedhis wrinkly head.

See Stray


them fools that pack hella 9'z and control the South Bay Area. reppin the Yay Areaand killin all hoez in NorCal. They run the streets and have underworld connections to SoCal, Da 619, Ohio, and Missouri - They were founded by a member of the BLVD gang but are completly seperate. They SlangDope and bust Hope. They are identified by certain tattos and identifying clothing

yo man i just got jacked for my shit. 3rd view game outta nowhere and took my dope, my corner and my hoes - i went for the big one and the hulk whopped my fukkin ass


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