What is 'refe?


Slang word for Tenerife, a volcanic rock-island off the coast of Africa. Mainly full of fat, balding, English chav families on holidays. Many planes have crashed off the coast due to the blinding reflection the sun has from all of the Elizabeth Duke sovereign jewellery worn by these English gimp children.

The hardcore native 'refians' mostly live up north, but can occasionally be found selling crack cocaine to tourists in the south.

The island is used by many Africans as a gateway to the uk, although due to the large number of English tourists already there, may have gotten confused and thought they were there already.

There is only slightly less AIDSin Tenerife than Africa.

-'refians can only count to seven

-'refians stop growing aged 9

-'refians on average are 63% more gay than regular spanish

guy ''hey, what are you doing with that knife?''

'refe boy ''cutting out your testicles to feed my family''

guy ''oh, ok''

- ''i went to the 'refe on holiday, i now have hepatitis and a crack cocaine addiction''

See tenerife, cocaine, crack, addiction, Aradoman


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