What is [rocker]?


A rocker is a person who listens to any kind of rock music (and actually likes rock music). Rockers often play instruments and are probably the least understood clique, due to the general ignorance of preps and jocks, druggies, etc. Despite popular belief, rockers do not all smoke pot and hide in the corner cutting themselves. They usually do not get along with jocks (stupid cavemen who think they're better than everyone else but will end up in mcdonalds forever after high school), preps (rich, usually white kids whose parents buy them everything they ask for, often dress "sophisticated" and think they're better than everyone else), rappers (usually unintelligent people who are often the people who ACTUALLY take drugs and think they're better than everyone else).

A rockeris the kind of person (who happens to like rock music) and will go to class quietly and sit quietly doing their work.

A jock on the other hand will stand up and start dancing around like a moron.

The jock will then whisper to a slutty girl about what a weirdo the rockerkid is.

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