What is 4rs?


Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Repair. To respect the earth and the materials that we have been given it is imperative that we reduce our use of materials, re-use them whenever possible, and recycle what we cannot re-use or repair. The 4th "R" is a recent addition to the other three but is a very important part of a "green" lifestyle which aims to treat all materials with respect.

The other day I decided to practice the 4Rs like I learned from my course at Sukyo Mahikari and de-clutter my closet. I found a sweater I forgot I had that I can use with my skirt so I don't have to buy a new sweater now. I took an old shoe box from the closet and instead of throwing it away I put old photographs in it. The paper inside the shoe box I recycled and the old shoes I took to the shoemaker to repair. I feel very happy that I have contributed to helping the environment!

See recycle, repair, reduce


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