What is 2.5rs?


A 2.5 litre Subaru Impreza sedan or coupe manufactured from 1998 to 2005 (after 2005 it became the 2.5i). It's descendant (the 2.5i) is now the base model Impreza sedan. They had around 168 horsepower, all wheel drive, and sat 5. Before they were the base model Impreza they had larger engines than the other Imprezas, and also had sportier suspension, mag wheels, etc. The 1998-2001 body is a very sought after body, and is commonly swapped with a turbo charged WRX or STi engine. There is also a website: rs25 which is a whole Internet community devoted to this car.

A: Is that a WRX?

B: No... its a 2.5RS.

See subaru, subie, scooby, impreza, gc8, rs, rally, i


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