What is 44's?


Is Dayton(In houston we call them ELBOWS) rims with 84 spokes.

So the fraise still tipp'n on 44's mean…. Ride on dayton

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84's or elbows also see cragar starwire rims,swangas,84's,or elbows

these rims came as an upgrade on 1984 and 1983 eldorados and are priced around 4000 dollars a set

this term made famous by mike jones and paul wall

know before as swangas or 84's/83's


a colt 44 pistol and tippin meaning tips on bullets

Still Tippin 44's and im baggin 44's

See swangas, 84's, colt, 44, cragar, 30


44's is vics 44's cough syrup

down south they think drinkin cough syurp

and driving is most enjoyable

still tippin on 44's

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