What is 5s?


The 5S System is a systematic approach that organizes and standardizes the work place. Japanese System..it promotes safety, improved workflow, better product quality, reduced inventory waste, and above all a sense that people are in control of their workplace areas. (TAT Inc.)

5s is the beginning of all Continuous Improvement events. 'I think what they need more than anything is to 5S their shop'.

See sort, shine


An office term that is a pseudonym for cleaning all the unnecessary crap off your work space. It stands for sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain.

Person 1: "Wow, there's a phone on your desk. When did that happen?"

Person 2: "I know, right? I 5S'd my desk yesterday. Unfortunately I threw out the analysis report that's due at that meeting in an hour."

See sort, set, shine, sustain, messy, organized


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