What is 80's?


Great decade full of top songs


The span of time from 1980-1989 in which geeks and rock stars reigned and style was way out of wack.

Hey look another one of those 80's movies is on!


Relating or pertaining to the 80's. To be used as an adjetive for someone or something that reminds one of the decade.

Her hair is so 80's. Liz and Emili were acting so 80's the other night...they were actually having a sleepover and talking about boys while playing "GirlTalk".


Slang term for coacaine. Because it gained fame in the 80's. (Also see 90's)

I know a guy who can score us some 80's.


refers to waves on the head of usually African Americans

I just took off my headrag and my 80's is spinning 360 like crazy right now.

C-Bone: Check the 80's out on full tilt right.

Wayne: Nigga them shits ain't spinning, they more like 30's.

See spinners, waves, do-rag, 30's


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