What is 808's?


Refers to really loud (usually high-bass) speakers, which cause 808 (penal code for disturbing the peace).

I hear your 808's humming 20 blocks away

See speakers, bass, loud, 808


Heartbreaker, Heartbreaks, Bullshit, Crazy, Dope (Hot)

Depends In How Its Used In A Sentence

"Yo Your Heard That New Kanye It's Straight 808's"


"You Saw That Girls Ass? Her Ass Was 808!"

"That Girls A 808...Stay Away From Her"

"If You Think Obama Cheated To Win, Your Just An Angry McCain Supporter Because Thats Straight 808"

"I Like Your New Style Its 808"

See dope, crazy, heartbreaker, bullshit, fronter, fire, 808's, 808, kanye west


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