What is 84's?


These are the 30 spoke wire wheels that were a very rarely chosen upgrade option avail. on 1983, 1984 FWD Cadillac Eldorado's and made by Cragar wire wheels for a very short time period, hence the terms 83's, 84's, which denotes their model year made..the 84's are the most sought after and the outward spokes "poke" out the farthest of any from the vehicle wheel well, as in the spokes actually extend outwards beyond the profile of the car for a really smooth sitting & unique gangster look, now that these wheels are very hard to find and very expensive people are calling just about every 30 spoke set of wheels "84's" and swangas, elbows, etc. In reality these others do not really poke at all and are just the standard issue 30 spoke cragar "starwire" wheels which are easy to get and made for RWD cars as well...not the ones made for the cadillac FWD eldorados that everyone is looking for...these old originals run about 5k-10k+ for a good clean set and are ultra hard to find anywhere..if you have seen a REAL set of 84's pokin' then you know the difference is HUGE! You can find the regular non "poking" 30's made by cragar on ebay for around $500-$1500 a set depending on the size, gold/chrome, condition, etc.

The 1984 FWD Cadillac Eldorado was available with an optional set of 4 non-standard 30 spoke wire wheels that were made by Cragar Wire Wheels Inc. and had 30 thick and wheel well protruding spokes, known widely as 84's today amoung the hip-hop culture and very hard to obtain or find in good condition if any.

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A rim that came stock on a 1984 Cadallac. It was a spoked rim, similar to a Dayton. Very desirable rim these days, especially within the southern hip-hop community. Can be widley seen in the Mike Jones video for, "Still Tippin"

"I bet they changed they mind when them 84's come rollin up"

-Mike Jones, on how now that he's hot, them ho'z all on him.


In Texas these are wire spoked rims that are fashioned in the image of the Cady rims from 1983 and 1984. They are called elbows and the term Super Pokes is a model name of the wheel. Check TexanWireWheels for photos.

Them 84's on that Caddy are fire.

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The next step up in rims over dubs (20").

84's are a set of 21" rims you have on your car.

21" x 4 wheels = 84" = 84's.

I just got me a fat check and picked me up these 84's.

Man those are bigger and shinier than my dubs, those 84's?

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84 spoke rims

represents status in the south

"see some 84's creepin' through ya town/ we gon screw dat" -mike jones


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