What is 22's?


Rims.....they r 22 inches...also known as double deuces

Yo..u betta be cruisin on 22's wen u ride up in the club


refers to a possible size of car metal car rims. Also reffered to as "dubz"

I just got a brand new set of 22's, now I can roll on dubz!


The size of one's biceps in inches.

Person 1: Damn have you seen Randy's 22's!?

Person 2: Yeah but Kimmie says that they are 17's.

See arms, 22's, randy, biceps


-Reffering to one who has big muscles, or large biceps.

-One with very fine muscle definition.

observer - "Man, that player has big muscles"

player - "22's son, 22's son!!"

See thick, ripped, strong, buff, beast


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