80's Music

What is 80's Music?


80's music consisted mostly of whiny guitars, semi-human(as in: never too masculine) voices and better lyrics in general than most/all of the hip-hop/pop songs that you will find on the radio today. Chances are, if the music sounds like a cross between innocently thundering guitars and lukewarm/strong drugs, it's 80's music. If there's a music video involving a singer with a spectacular vocal range and hair combed halfway up to the ceiling dancing on a stage with horrid patterns on his skin-tight outfit, it's 80's music. If you're too young understand the political references in the lyrics or just old enough to remember what they were about, it's 80's music. If a man wearing an 'I love the 80's!' t-shirt suddenly looks up at the supermarket and names a Duran Duran song to the nearest person, it's 80's music. If you go to amazon or e-bay and type '80's music' into the search field, it's 80's music. No, really, it's true.

Guitar: screech

Kid wearing a Pink Floyd shirt: Woah, that's so 80's music!


A era where rock and pop were coming out resulting in 80's music. Michal JAckson was one of the greatest pop stars during this era.

Man 1: i am going to go bye the new cd that has 80's music on it.

man2: cool. get me oone too. i want to hear michal jackson.


The 80's was the greatest period for music. Hall and Oates were the king and queen of this era with their song "Out of touch".

80's music is what made vice city the greatest game ever.


Every shops play the compliation CD one too many, every shops are not short of stocking them, every radio station have to play another dull piece by either Duran Duran, Culture Club, Frankie..n't any of these retards move and think forward...Has already become one retro music overkill too far, have now become the most incredibly dullest decade of music since the 70's

God not another 80's s**t again, not another f***ing compliation advert on telly again, wheres my ipod when I need them


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