40's Night

What is 40's Night?


A theme party where people get together dressed in their best ghetto fabulous clothes carrying their favorite 40 ounce for consumption. The 40 ounce should be shit like Colt 45 or Crazy Horse...St. Ides is acceptable though too upper class for this shit.

Host of the party and all guests should in no way know anything about the ghetto except what they see on TV and in the movies and what they read on the back of a ginsing box.

Host: Yo dude, lets have on of them 40's night parties.

Potential guest: Good idea. We can get some cheep ass shit dress like we see on TV and watch Deep Cover or New Jack City.

Potential guest #2: Yo, I can make believe I blastin a fat cap in yo ass too...you silly freak.

Host: ok it's set. A 40's night and bring yo own hoes....leave the nines and caps in you pants too...dis my house.

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