[scene Kids]

What is [scene Kids]?


Someone, girl or guy, who likes to dress and listen to certain music like the rest of the scene kids.clothing consists of bandanas, bows, lots of accessories, band t-shirts, tight jeans, leopard print, etc.

Music is usually angst-y, something along the lines of skinny puppies/from first to last.

Pretty much a pathetic excuse of a life, pretend that their non'conformists when they have really been conforming in some way all along.. hmm. makes ya think.


example. scene kids

*scene girl* Omg. Lets all go get t-shirts with bands or old school pokemon/dinosaurs/hello kitty and be rad and have lame-ass names, such as kayla-Rawr, and dye our hair every two weeks because we need to have a different edge all the time, and get piercings and think lower of the so called "conformists", even though we are all dressing the same, and listening to the same music, and acting the same.. hmm.. EXCEPT! We can't say we're scene. Or else we really won't be scene, cause then we won't get any scene points... then we won't have anything to do with our lives. D:

ohmigod. i'm out of HAIRSPRAY!! Now what the fuck can i do?!?!

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