What is [sephiroth]?


A badass/popular/coolest villain from Final Fantasy 7 who's doing anything to destroy the world with meteor,and made the main character/hero Cloud became angsty with taking away the person whom Cloud loved,Aerith by stabbed her from behind.Also he has a cool theme song "One Winged Angel".

Before Sephiroth was a good/sane guy and a hero until he went to Nibelheim together with Cloud and Zack,and accidentally he found a Jenova's project there, his heart had torn into small pieces,hatred,pain,and sad for knowing the truth that he's nothing more than just an experiment,so misunderstanding happened when he thought that Jenova was his mother plus of his loneliness,finally..Sephiroth had chosen the wrong path where he ended up himself as a villain,and died in a fresh young soldier's hand.

Sephiroth is potrayed as a tall,long silver haired,slender and handsome/masculine figure.

In reality many fangirls like him because of his looks, and fanboys like him because of his badassness..

Sephirothis a tragic villain...

See ff7, sephy, villain


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