What is {sex}?


when a man sticks his penis in and out of a womens vigina

one night i was whatching tv and there was a knock on the door and my boyfriend was there.he jumped on me and took off my clothes and put a pen in and out of my pussy until i cummed.we now had sex.he went in and out of my pussy and it felt great!i finally screamed "FASTER!!HARDER!!YOU KNOW YOU CAN HAVE SEX!!"he went as hard and as fast as he could go!then the doorbell rang AGAIN and there was a hott guy and he asked if he could join."gladly!"i shreiked.so he fucked me in the arse and my boyfriend fucked me in the vigina.then my boyfriend swiched and we started french kissin and the hott dude had some viginal sex with me.then the hott dude went home and i placed my boyfriend's hands on my boobs where they lay till tomorrow.that was the best {sex} ever!

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