What is *sic*?


Latin, "thus"; used to indicate that an error in the original has been replicated in a quote.

When you're quoting someone else, and the original includes an error (spelling, fact, conception) it may be necessary to assure readers that (a) you noticed the error and (b) it is not yours, but that of the person you're quoting. Since it is a Latin expression, it needs to be italicized, and in the Urban Dictionary this means enclosing it in asterisks.

His columns are full of brilliant insights such as this one:

"World War II erupted at Munich *sic* in 1941 *sic* because President Roosevelt *sic* was too weak-kneed to stand up to Hilter *sic*."

The man should not be allowed to go about unattended, let alone publish newspaper columns.

See error, mistake, screw up, cock up, blunder


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