What is 'splode?


1. A version of the word explode commonly used in chatrooms, most likely derivitive of the phrase "Your head a splode."

Dude, that just 'sploded!

See Pineapple



"To explode".

I 'splode.

You 'splode.

He/she/it 'splodes

They 'splode.

Noun: 'splosion.

Adjective: 'splodin.

Adverb. 'splodinly.

See also: 'splodite, 'sploder, 'splodinology, 'splodinism, 'splodinity, 'splodinites, The Church of 'splodinity.

"Gary poured too much TNT over his ceareal this morning. You should have seen him 'splode, Eugene. The wallpaper ain't green now..."

See splode, sploder, explode, explosion


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