What is 21st Century Breakdown?


Seventh full-length studio album by Green Day released May 2009. Instead of making another Dookie or another American Idiot, Green Day decided to reinvent their sound again.

This album features a wider array of instrumentation and loosely tells the story of a couple in post-millenial (and post-Bush) America. The album's lyrics and topics follow in the style of Warning and American Idiot, and several of the songs have sparked intense debate concerning the meanings of the lyrics.

Finally, the style of the album resembles The Who's "Quadrophenia." Butch Vig produced this album, and it fucking rocks!!!

1.) Mark: "Hey, have you heard Green Day's new album?"

Trey: "21st Century Breakdown? It kicks ass!"

2.) Several retailers initally debated whether or not to sell copies of 21st Century Breakdown due to the lyrics and topics included in the album.

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The title of the upcoming Green Day album, to be released in May 2009.

I can't wait for 21st Century Breakdown!

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When Barack Obama fails at presidency and makes everything worse.

The 21st century breakdown will take action tomorrow.

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The latest Green Day album, which killed the Green Day name. They decided to go from having albums with:

-Deep meaningful lyrics

-Guitar Solos

-Insane Drum Solos

-Songs with many verses and an infrequently repeated chorus

-A Punk Rock Sound


-Shallow lyrics

-Few to no Guitar solos


-Songs that repeat the chorus TOO MUCH (Know your enemy repeats the chorus 12 times!)


In general, they alienated their true fanbase for critical acclaim and popularity. True fans will hate the album, and groupies will like it.

A groupie and true fan are riding in a care, when the single "Do you know your enemy" starts playing on the radio, the first single from 21st century breakdown...

Groupie: Do you know the enemy? Do you know the enemy? Do you know the enemy? OOOhhhhhhooooo....

True GD Fan: SHIT! This is garbage! what the FUCK? Where are the verses about Conformity, Society's Overcaution, Depression, War Volunteers, Insanity, Breakups, Life in general, Assholes you want dead, and Individualistic Ideals?

God. I'm gonna stop listening to Green Day now... I'm pissed that they suck now

Groupie: They're new stuff is awesome. They're old stuff sucks. Go listen to their old stuff if you like that better. You shouldn't care what the band sounds like if you're a fan

True GD Fan: Bullshit! You're a fucking groupie! Not like you're gonna care in 2 weeks!

Groupie: You're wrong. Billie Joe is cute.




True GD Fan: So, you still like that shitty GD album?

Groupie: No, I listen to Fall Out Boy now. GD sucks!

True GD Fan: Dumb skank... Ah well... maybe their next album will be good...

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