1st Of The Month

What is 1st Of The Month?


The day the welfare checks come out and a good ass song by bone thugs and harmony

shit nigga its the 1st of the month timed to get paid for being a lazy bitch

See j bizzle


(1)The day every-body gets and cashes their checks and go to their local drug dealer and get stoned, high, or faded(same shit:P)

(2)A bad-ass song by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony that u put on the mornning of every 1st of the month

Hey man, i just got my check, lets look for Johnny, he knows its the 1st of the month=, go check in Kim's market

See weed, checks, money, stoned, high


The most jubilant day typically in projects & trailer parks

Man, can you buy me a 40 & a pack of Kool's? I'll get you back on the 1st of the month.

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