What is 8-stacks?


A fierce hood in Duval County, located on Jacksonvilles south side. Full of goons, baby goons,goonlets,and 8-stacks warriors(the most fierce tribe of goons known to man). Knows for their talented residents and the numerous beatdowns stabbings and shootings that have occurred in the 8-Stacks, this area is not a place for phonies. Also known as the Might-Mighty 88-Hunnndddeeeddd(not affiliated with dem busta ass lame ass scary ass silly ass 3oo blk "spartans"), this is the most undermined,underrated,and forgotten hood of them all.

Man, I was in da ville and u know i had to stop by da 8-Stacks.

See 8-stacks, hood, goons, terrorists, big tone, gutta


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