What is 2-step?


The 2-step is a modification of a skank it was popularized by the band Bad Brain and latter hardcore took it over.

its a 2-step part not a breakdown


A type of hardcore dancing that takes place during shows in the circle pit. The dancing consists of a running in place movement with the occasional violent movement, such as a kick or punch.

I you are in the circle pit "2-stepping" make sure you don't punch a girl.

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Basically a variation on skanking. Which was a dance you did while listening to ska or punk rock music. Skanking is usually done in a circle pit. 2-stepping is done usually during a breakdown of some hella brutal metal music. You don't go around the pit or anything. You usually just stay in once place and 2-step that shit. Hardcore dancing is sometimes referred to as "hardcore 2-stepping" or "slam dancing".

"Fuck skanking, I wanna 2-step!", "Let's 2-step at the show tonight."

FYI: I have no problem with skanking. I'd rather skank to Reel Big Fish or Rancid than hardcore dance to some crazy hardcore music.

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2-Step is a kind of music in Britain. British 2- Step is The U.S.A.'s R&b. A lot of people consider 2-Step to be better than R&b (although they are the same thing) because american r&b has been to fused with hip-hop that you can't even tell the diffrence.

British Chick: Ya heard of 2-step music?

American Chick: Na what is it?

British Chick: it is the same thing as ya u.s.a. r&b. only that is actually is more r&b then da u.s. one is.

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