What is 30stm?


It's the simply word for "30 seconds to mars" the alternative-rock band of Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, Matt Wachter and Tomo Milicevic. They also called themselves as "THIRTYSECONDSTOMARS" They made two albums the first is self tittled and the seconds is called " A beautiful lie"

"You were on the 30stm message board ?"

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Abbreviation for 30 Seconds To Mars or Thirty Seconds To Mars.

An awesome band, fronted by actor Jared Leto on vocals and bass, with his brother Shannon on drums and Tomo Milcevic on guitar.

"Have you seen the video for A Beautiful Lie?"

"Yeah, 30STM always make awesome video clips."

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A shortening for the band 30 Seconds To Mars' name.

The 30STM concert last night rocked!

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