What is [szechuan]?


(Pronounced: Sesh-Won) Silicon Valley term for a female Asian escort posing as a massage therapist ...OR... a fine beautiful Asian lady. Other variations include "Szechee" and "Szechuanees".

Szechee refers ONLY to cute young Szechuans. Szechuanees refers to a group of Szechuans.

Person 1: Hey, I just sessioned with a Szechuan! She called me Supa-Man!

Person 2: What? You TOFTT? How was she?

Person 1: She speaky a little engrish! But bro, she was a fine Szechee! I'm gonna go post a mini tonight for all my brothers to see! GFE++!BBBJ!!BBFS!!!

Person 2: They are gonna call you a shill again.

Person 1: Oh well. I gotta go now, headed to Santana Row, gonna go buy her a gift!BBFS!!

Person 2: I'll go too. I won't mind staring at all the the Szechuanees.

See asia, asian, chinese, escort, hooker, japanese, korean, massage, prostitute, taiwanese


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