1t 1b

What is 1t 1b?


'One Touch One Bounce' - an adaptation of football 'keepie uppies' whereby participants form a (rough) circle and continue to kick a football between each other.

- Participant can either strike the ball on the full (volly) or let the ball bounce (however the ball may only bounce once).

- Any player who fails to deliver a 'returnable' pass (kick), touches the ball twice (in direct succession), is unable to reach football before its second bounce or uses their hands or arm in any way shall be liable for the receiving of a letter. Once a single player has received the correct number of letters to constitute the designated word, they must receive 'rapps' (see 'rapps').

- Confrontations or ambiguities within the game are settled by the players themselves.

Someone go get the football so we can play '1T 1B'.

See rapps, vb, football, gylo


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