What is 12takat21?


12takat21 is an organization also known as the House of Godz. It was founded in 2006 by 'Tha Creator' aka DJ Mani. It's main mission is to spread 'Tha Werd' of love and healing through music. It is a meme of a collective of artists and companies who seek to save the planet through a metaphor of change. 'Takat' is the Indian word for 'Strength' and it's creator's strength comes from the 112 artists who embody 'Tha Werd' and the 121 Companies who create Art. It is a portal to preserve art.

There is one organization or meme online, called 12takat21 that seeks to preserve art, spread the 'Werd' of love and healing through music.

See werd, love, creator, god, healing


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