What is $tarbuck$?


A Posh, upscale, trendy, pretentious coffee shop franchaise hell-bent on putting their more sincere competitors (like Dunkin' Donuts) out of business with their "designer" coffee, mocha java and latte blends that are merely an ultra-sweetened and enriched concoction of Maxwell House, liquid shit and rat semen. They are mostly frequented by snotty, cardigan-wearing yuppie cocksuckers, corporate scumbags in three-piece suits and mindless working class drones who think paying $4.00 for a cup of coffee makes them successful and important.

FIREMAN: Oh, sir...sir! The World Trade Center has just collapsed and many survivors need help! Do you have any water you can spare?

$TARBUCK$ VENDOR: Sure. I have some bottled water over here you can have... for 300 bucks a bottle! Heh heh heh!

FIREMAN: You heartless slug... fuck you!

See diarrhea, shit, semen, smegma, pus, vomit


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