What is :teeth:?


A DogsOnAcid smiley that has a meaning similar to jk.

Usage Notes:

1. It overrides ANY and ALL smilies when used at the end of a post.

2. It shields it's user from ANY and ALL retaliatory flames EXCEPT when the flame in question is itself suffixed with :teeth:

3. It's effect on a post is directly proportional to the number of blank lines preceeding it.

4. Improper usage of :teeth: will result in it's user being demoted to the status of n00b: for a period of 2 * (no. of :teeth: offences) weeks. The same goes for anyone who is found guilty of flaming a :teeth:'ed post.

5. It has no effect on anything posted by n00bs, because n00b's are not meant to be taken seriously anyway.

6. Adding or removing :teeth: from a submitted post is considered bad netiquette is generally frowned upon.

i fucked your momma last night. :slayer:



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