5th Ave Girl

What is 5th Ave Girl?


Valley Girlwho thinks she is indie. She is aware of the fact that she is a Valley Girl, and is somewhat ashamed of it. She has observed the indie kids and imitates them, often going to gigs of well known 'indie' bands, that seem cool to them. She reads both the NMEand Cosmo magazines. She has a superficial knowledge of indie culture, but is rejected by anone cooler than her, so is not a part of it. The name '5th Ave Girl' comes from the '5th Avenue' club in Manchester, UK. It is a well known place for 'wannabe' indie kids to hang out, trying to look cool. They wear brand new Converse Chucks and The StrokesT-Shirts.

Yeah, like you just totally gotta hear this bitchen new band I found. They're called Razorlight. I heard the single in this new way cool club i found called 5th Ave. Like, I was, y'know, fer'sure nearly spilled my Vodka Kick.


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