30th Base

What is 30th Base?


(The death star of all bases demolishing all others in its path. where to begin... First of all. please..i beg of you. (DO NOT TRY THIS IN ANY PRIVATE FACILITY)...must be in a public place to be performed successfully.)first insert a bowling pin into your partners grandmother's anus. while at the same time, molesting a cat with your left hand. and shanking a midget with your right. all of this taking place standing one footed on an autistic giraffe. because your other leg should be firmly situated in between the giraffes nuts and anus. all this taking place while that giraffe is raping a group of african irish chinese orphan infants... while lucky boy is attempting to accomplish 31st base to the kids... while the african irish chinese orphan babies infants are attempting to play a game of twister with vikings swinging flails... and that is how you accomplish 30th base.

the only people i know to ever succeed in completing 30th base are mace windu, chuck norris, and rosie O'donnell..who has recently been found face down in rickie lake....apparently she drowned.... she went to deep while muff diving.... the only other person i could possibly think of to do this successfully would be Conan sheltzington.

:dude: "did you do what i think you did lastnight"

:bro: "theres no way in hell man are you serious what sick bastard could possibly do that. i didn't have a bowling pin.but thanks to the one i found in your mothers closet...hell yeah i got there. "

:dude: "nice.....BEERFEST...YEAH"

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