34th Base

What is 34th Base?


Engaging in intercourse with a male dolphin (vaginally or anally), and surviving.

Bob: Tommy's sister is such a slut, I bet she could get to 34th base!

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Its were you go back in time with micheal jacksons time machine and find hitler kidnap him use the time machine to go to the year 2050th and micheal jackson and you and hitler all have a 3-some and you all go back to your normal times but then micheal jackson gives birth to hitlers children unleashing hell into the new world

dude1: dude i got to 34th base lastnight

dude2: lier

dude3: dude you did not i just spiked your drink with LSD ^-^

dude1: "attacks dude3"

dude2: ohhh dudes fight fight fight fight fight fight fight

dude3: "punching dude1" dude get off me you suck

dude1: "rolls off him"

dude2: "pulls a gun out and blows dude1 brains out"

dude3: dude don't please dude DUDE!!!!!

dude1: X_X

dude2: "blows dude3 brains out well laughing evily"

dude3: X_X

dude1: X_X

dude2: "blows own brains out"

dude3: X_X

dude1: X_X

dude2: X_X

dude3: X_X

XXX 3 in a row i win!!!!

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