44th Base

What is 44th Base?


When you proceed to grow to gigantic proportions and have group sex with Godzilla, Rodan, King Kong, the Cloverfield monster and the Power Rangers' Megazord in Manhattan whilst shoving the retaliating fighter jets in your ass and the tanks into the shafts of yours and the other participating parties’ penises. The climax of getting to 44th base involves simultaneous ejaculations which subsequently drown all of the citizens in New York.

1 - "That was awesome dude, last night I got to fucking 44th base"

2 - "My dad was in NY for a business meeting. He didn't come back"

1 - "Wow, sorry dude"

2 - "Ain't no thang, he was an alcoholic douche who used to touch me and beat my mom"

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