48th Base

What is 48th Base?


(noun) An achievement that requires you to do the following... Go into a time machine, on Wednesday, in order to change the history of your life, thus causing a paradox. Once the paradox is set and parallel universes are being spontaneously spewed into existence, you must find one with a real life Jurassic Park and shoot all the protagonists dead. Take their bodies into a large volcano as a sacrifice to summon Mr. Pamplemousse, the fire god. You will them perform 23 bases of your choosing on him, whilst whistling the Star Spangled Banner, Old McDonald, and Dragostea Din Tei. Finally, you must have already done half the steps while raping 89 squirrels along the way BEFORE you read these instructions!!! All this must have additionally been done without ever losing The Game.

Person A: "After my lifelong quest, I have finally done it!"

Person B: "Done what?"

Person A: "I've reached 48th Base!"

Person B: "You made a paradox, destroyed the plot of a movie, and went squirrel crazy without being instructed to OR losing The Game?!"

Person A: "Yep!"

Person B: "Really?! 89 squirrels!?"

Person A: "DAMMIT, no!!! I did 90!"

Person B: "Better luck next time."

*World War IX destroys Earth over the recent pandemic of insane squirrels* BOOM!

See 23rd base, the game, sex, super sex


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