12th Base

What is 12th Base?


To defy the laws of physics whilst engaging in sexual intercourse.

A common example is to have sex listed as the 'Bat Position' in the karma sutra, and that is to have sexual intercourse on the ceiling.

I went to 12th base last night and i got such a rush to my head.

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A sexual act including a saddle and/or table tennis paddle

guy 1: we got so far last night

guy 2: what base

guy 1: 12th base

guy 2: Woah!!! how did u get a saddle into her car

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Fucking a chick so hard that she dies.

Man 1: Ah shittt man, I fucked Cindy so hard, I got to 12th base!

Man 2: FUCK! Where is the mangled-sexfilled-corpse?

Man 1: In my car where I left her...

Man 2: I say, go for 13th base

Man 1: Ahh, wanna munther with me?

Man 2: YEAAHHHH, I'll jump.

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Giving foot and or boob jobs with 2 or more people.

Dude, last night i got to 12th base with this hot chick and her twin sister!

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