155th Base

What is 155th Base?


155th base is making love to a serial killer that came in to your home with a mask and chased you and you were running be he was jsut walking slowly but he still caught you becuase u were an idiot and didnt tie ur shoelace and tripped over it and while you were on the ground if took out his knife and shoved it up ur ass but it was actually a rubber dildo and you then enjoyed it and started rubbing his thighs with your feet and then you went to give him a foot job but you realised that he had no penis and he was actually a girl dressed in a chuck norris outfit and then you went down to 143rd base and did all that gross stuff with him and then you took his dildo and shoved it up HER ass i keep forgetting he is actually a she and then she actually did have a cock but it was really small then you realised that it wasnt a girl in a chuck norris outfit it was actually chuck norris and all those tall tales about him having a large black penis were all lies he had a tiny 2 mm red / green christmas tree edition penis and he had some candy canes so you started licking that tiny pee pee and chuck was like suck those candy canes and after when they get all sharp i'll kill you with them and then take my 2mm cut it off and put it into your mouth while i shove that dildo up ur ass ur nice round ass and then he calls your parents and you guys have a foursome then he kills your parents with so more candy canes and then he fucks them all in the ass with his big toe.

"Mommy i heard that you got to 155th base. MOMMY ! oh wait your dead.."

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