29th Base

What is 29th Base?


When a virgin and her lover are interrupted by a magical genie who grants the male's first wish to have two 14 inch penises. He uses one of the dicks on the virgins twat, and the other her mother's anus, simultaneously. This was his second wish. Then the family dog runs in and proceeds to tounge the male's asshole, which gives him a little bit of a fright and he pulls out really quick, ripping the holes of the mother and daughter duo to smitherines. Its then that Whinnie the Pooh runs in and delivers a double pawed shocker to both mother and daughter, leaving their vaginas matted with furr, blood, pussy slopand honey. The male then wishes for a crazy straw, so that he can suck up all the secretions from both females and POoh furry bear paws.

29th base is my ultimate dream fantasy. I wonder what 30th base could be...

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